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There are many sources of information about greyhounds on the internet. You will quickly find, through browsing, that some people seem to be strongly polarised into pro-racing and anti-racing groups. It is not Brambleberry’s intention to enter into any debate of this kind or to support a site known to do so. Here you will find links to greyhound forums and articles which have proved themselves to be neutral, and to contain much good advice as well as fun topics and great information.  Books can be found under the ‘Reading’ menu option.

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Greyhounds4Me – This is a forum dedicated to greyhounds, whether ex-racers, Kennel Club, or even not-quite-pure blooded, ie lurchers! It is based in the UK, and therefore most of the information and advice you will find here will be relevant to your situation.

Greytalk – Probably the biggest greyhound forum on the internet, this one is based in the USA, and therefore will sometimes not be relevant to UK or European residents. However, it is an extremely useful resource and whatever time of the day or night, you may well find someone awake and willing to answer your questions. It is well run, and very strictly non-partisan, going so far as to ban any pro/anti racing threads.


Dr Suzanne Stack DVM talks about greyhound health and wellness, with particular reference to the differences between the physiology of greyhounds and other dogs. Lab tests, blood values, heart size, chemical sensitivities, etc. Essential reading – and free. Dr Stack is a well respected American veterinarian.

Richard Torr MRCVS Q&A – Another well-respected greyhound vet, this time based in the UK, talks about greyhound hearts, worming, and corns.

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