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Published on July 10, 2016, in Rehomed dogs.


Pepper is a black girl, born December 2014, so she’s not yet two years old and never raced.

Poor Pepper was very unfortunate and broke her back leg very badly, and it’s had to be amputated. She has adapted brilliantly and is now living in Sharon’s house because, well, that’s where the badly injured dogs end up, so they can get more care and attention.

She’s a quiet girl, and she will follow people around out on the property with no lead – she’ll just walk next to them and stop when they do. She’s very placid natured, and loves to sunbathe.

UPDATE Sept 2016: Pepper has now been re-homed and is no longer avaiable.

Published on March 10, 2015, in Rehomed dogs.


Sweet Winnie is a four year old blue girl.

She lost her leg in an accident in October 2014, but she is doing really well as a ‘tripod’.

Winnie is a small dog. She is perfect in the house, and is great off lead, but she doesn’t like small dogs when they are off lead.

UPDATE August 2015: Winnie has now been adopted and is no longer available.



Published on March 25, 2011, in Rehomed dogs.

Due to an accident when he was with his former adoptive owners, Sam lost a front leg, but he has dealt with it very well, and adapted brilliantly. He is house-trained, and has a quiet, happy character. This boy needed an owner who didn’t want to walk miles, but would be happy to take him for short outings to let him stretch his legs and have a sniff around.

Here’s what his new owners have to say about him –

“Sam. Well what can you say ? He is magic and we are all lucky to have him with us. Walks a mile and more some days better, loves his ball and all around him. He has found his home and fitted right in with Eric, Belle and Torren. Unsure as to how dogs do it but they sorted from the off, Eric is notably protective of him and they are a very happy group to have. He has dietary prophylactic supplements for joints and bones. Loves his food ( not keen on mango or melon, which is just as well for me ) play, games, sleep and a fuss. He has wrecked the garden digging the lawn and flower beds ( no big deal ) The vet says he is in tip top condition and his coat ( with a little shampoo and grooming ) has drawn numerous compliments.

In sort, be assured he is fantastic fun, easy and giving; shame on the abandonment but our gain.”

Published on May 15, 2010, in Rehomed dogs.

In April 2010, poor Henry had an accident and shattered his foot so badly that it could not be mended. After consultation with a specialist greyhound vet, it was decided that the best option for him was to lose the leg, so Henry is now a ‘tripod’.

Henry has now healed well and is finding his confinement with nothing to do rather boring.

He is a happy, energetic young dog and really needs to be out of a kennel environment and in a home where he can enjoy a little more freedom to build his strength and release some of his pent-up energy. He loves to be with people and will enjoy playtime and daily walks – not too far at first, but with gradual extension, he will be able to hop along comfortably for a mile or so, maybe a little more. Tripods do get tired more quickly than four-leggers, so his new adopters will have to be willing to condition him very slowly, and always keep an eye on him, remembering to take the return journey into account when deciding how far to walk him.

Henry is NOT cat safe.

He seems to be shedding his coat right now, so there are some brown fluffy patches on him, but he will end up a lovely clean white and shiny black. Here is Henry’s earlier photo, taken less than two weeks after his amputation –

Please consider Henry if you are looking for a young dog who will never need a huge amount of leash walking, especially if you can give him some freedom in a garden to play and run a little.

UPDATE June 2011: Henry has now been adopted and is no longer available.