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Swifty is a dark brindle girl, four years old.

She is a steady girl, very placid natured, and she doesn’t put herself forward so will often get overlooked for the more lively characters. Do consider her, though, if you’re looking for a loving and loyal companion. The quiet ones often form the strongest attachments.


UPDATE FEB 2018: Swifty has now been reserved.

Published on February 12, 2018, in Rehomed dogs.


Bones is a four year old black male.

He is a true gentleman, and being a gentleman, a quiet life would be preferred. Bones would make a wonderful first time companion for someone. He is a very loving dog.


UPDATE FEB 2018: Bones has already been adopted!  The luck boy is no longer available.



This is Bluebell. She is a five year old blue girl – of course she is!

Bluebell is a quiet lady who really doesn’t have any negatives. Perhaps she might not suit you if you want a playful companion, though, because she’s very much a lady! Yes, I know she is putting her tongue out at you, but that just means she’s feeling a little insecure about being a photoshoot model. She really is a little lady, and probably doesn’t even want to get her dainty feet wet in any nasty puddles!

UPDATE FEB 2018: Bluebell has now been reserved.