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Published on June 7, 2011, in Rehomed dogs.

Ranger is a nine year old sweetheart, a shiny black dog, beginning to go truly grey.   Here’s what his foster carer says about him:

‘Ranger is a very easy and manageable dog. He is clean in the house and sleeps all night in his own bed with no problems. He makes no mess, noise or chewing when left for three hours with other dogs and has been left completely alone for a while without any problems. He jumps in and out of the car easily, is quiet and lies down when travelling.

He loves his walks and is easy on a lead with no pulling even when passing other dogs, though he does like to stop and watch them. He is happy to be stroked by unknown adults and children and stands quietly. He settles down in the house after a walk and though he likes attention, does not bother you all the time for it.

He loves being brushed and can be touched all over without any trouble. He is not nervous of noises, traffic or anything he has seen so far and does not react to thunder. He seems quick to learn commands and will wait, stay, settle etc. when told and would soon pick up on a new routine. Although he can be a bit finicky with food and treats, he really is one of the easiest foster dogs I have ever had and will be a joy to own.’

Ranger would maybe suit an older couple who don’t want to walk a lot. He will go for two mile walks, but is just as happy with a shorter distance, and does tend to feel the heat in warm weather.

UPDATE July 2011: As Ranger settles more into home life, he is showing more of his character. He is still a very sweet dog, affectionate, playful, perfectly well-behaved in the house, with no sign of destructiveness, and he has never soiled anywhere inside. However, he is not yet trustworthy with other breeds of dog. He has a new foster carer, and they are working on socialising him, but it may be that he will never be safe off lead in mixed company.

UPDATE: September 2011. Ranger has now been adopted and is no longer available.