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Published on July 1, 2012, in Rehomed dogs.

This is Storm, a beautiful four-and-a-half year old black boy.

Storm has a gentle and loving nature, and adores people. He is a super, easy-going dog and should fit well into any family.

UPDATE July 2012: Storm has now been adopted and is no longer available.

Published on June 26, 2012, in Rehomed dogs.

Sophie is a four year old blue girl.

She is gentle and steady, and very laid-back about life. She’s absolutely bomb-proof about anything that happens.

Not to mention that she’s beautiful!

UPDATE June 2012: Sophie has now been adopted and is no longer available.

Published on June 25, 2012, in Rehomed dogs.

Rocco is three years old and a black male.

He is a large dog, but a very gentle lad, happy to be with you, and would settle anywhere. Please don’t be put off by his size – if you meet him, you will love him!

UPDATE: July 2012

Rocco has now been reserved for adoption pending cat testing


UPDATE October 2012:  Rocco has now been rehomed and is no longer available

Published on July 31, 2010, in Rehomed dogs.

Lester (the mostly white dog looking directly at the camera, above) was rehomed in October 2010 – here’s what his new family has to say about him:

“Well after nearly two weeks they are both getting along together really well, there’s been no grumpiness from either of them.

I think FInley has taught Lester a few bad habits and I also think Lester has taught him how to ‘Roach’ as Finley was upside-down in his bed last night and he never does that.

I really couldn’t have wished for them to get along any better.

Lester is also starting to relax a bit more now, for the first few days he was obviously very confused and probably a bit scared, but now he seems to be getting cheekier every day which I think is great, although J could pull her hair out at times!”

The photo below was Lester’s profile picture.