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Max is a black boy, and just a pup at 18 months old.

As is typical with youngsters, Max is very playful. He was born with Sharon at the Brambleberry kennels, and can be a bit anxious at first, but with time and patience will have lots of love to give, Once they trust you and take you to their hearts, the anxious dogs are usually the most loyal and loving companions.


Published on July 8, 2016, in Rehomed dogs.


This young lady is Wanda. She’s a beautiful black girl and sister to William. Like William, she is bouncy and playful because she’s hardly more than a puppy at nearly 2 years old (her birthday is coming up in November 2016).

If it moves, Wanda will play with it: toys, bowls, anything! She is very high energy, but she does respond to being told. Sharon thinks she might make a good agility dog, or maybe flyball.





Published on September 23, 2010, in Rehomed dogs.

What a pretty colour! Zoe is a ‘snowflake’ black, which is to say, a black girl with white ticking. She loves children, and is a lively, energetic dog, so she would love to find herself a home with children – she loves children!

At the moment, Zoe is quite strong on the lead, so will need some training in leash manners, but she is very well-behaved in the house.

She is three years old.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2010: Zoe has now been adopted and is no longer available.