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Published on May 15, 2010, in Rehomed dogs.

Poor April has been overlooked so many times over the years that she has become a permanent resident here at Brambleberry, and Hero’s kennel companion. Her only fault is that she has a deformed leg, but it would take a very special person indeed be given permission to adopt her, and at eight years old, it becomes less and less likely as time passes.

If you would like to help with April’s food and medical expenses, please click on the ‘donate’ button. And many thanks for helping one of our permanent residents!

UPDATE (July 2010): April struck lucky! She is now being fostered long-term by a very experienced owner, in a home with two other sighthounds, where she has settled well and is very happy. Her medical expenses are still being paid by Brambleberry, so she will continue to be a sponsor dog.

UPDATE (August 2010): April has now been permanently rehomed and is no longer available.