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Published on August 12, 2012, in Rehomed dogs.

Maggie is a black female, two and half years old.

She is very affectionate, and is great company.  She loves her exercise, and she is eager to please in all she does – this should make her really nice to train!

Maggie is already house-trained.


UPDATE: October 2012.  Maggie has now been rehomed and is no longer available.


Published on March 16, 2012, in Rehomed dogs.

Betsy is a small girl, four years old.

She is a friendly, active dog who loves exercise and being out and about. She would best suit someone who can take her out twice a day and give her a good amount of walking.

Betsy would be great in company with small dogs, and is already housetrained.

UPDATE Jan 2013: Betsy has now been rehomed and is no longer available.

Published on December 11, 2011, in Rehomed dogs.

Here’s Jake, a pretty black male. Don’t be fooled by his greying face, he’s only five years old! Many black greyhounds start to grow white hairs very young, and it can make them look so handsome and distinguished!

Jake is a really happy boy, full of fun. He doesn’t act his age at all, and would probably make a great family dog.

UPDATE March 2012 – Jake has now been adopted and is no longer available

Published on July 31, 2010, in Rehomed dogs.

Bree is a very active and happy young fawn-coloured girl – quite a dainty little thing, and only two and a half years old. Though she retired with a wrist injury, this has now healed and should cause her no further trouble.

She is extremely lively, but very food oriented, which should make her easy to train with a clicker and small treats. While greyhounds aren’t usually chosen for this type of activity, Bree might be a good choice for someone looking for a dog to train for agility.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2010: Bree has now been adopted and is no longer available.

Published on May 15, 2010, in Rehomed dogs.

In April 2010, poor Henry had an accident and shattered his foot so badly that it could not be mended. After consultation with a specialist greyhound vet, it was decided that the best option for him was to lose the leg, so Henry is now a ‘tripod’.

Henry has now healed well and is finding his confinement with nothing to do rather boring.

He is a happy, energetic young dog and really needs to be out of a kennel environment and in a home where he can enjoy a little more freedom to build his strength and release some of his pent-up energy. He loves to be with people and will enjoy playtime and daily walks – not too far at first, but with gradual extension, he will be able to hop along comfortably for a mile or so, maybe a little more. Tripods do get tired more quickly than four-leggers, so his new adopters will have to be willing to condition him very slowly, and always keep an eye on him, remembering to take the return journey into account when deciding how far to walk him.

Henry is NOT cat safe.

He seems to be shedding his coat right now, so there are some brown fluffy patches on him, but he will end up a lovely clean white and shiny black. Here is Henry’s earlier photo, taken less than two weeks after his amputation –

Please consider Henry if you are looking for a young dog who will never need a huge amount of leash walking, especially if you can give him some freedom in a garden to play and run a little.

UPDATE June 2011: Henry has now been adopted and is no longer available.