Published on May 15, 2010, in Rehomed dogs.

Spot – the white and brindle dog in the photo above – was re-homed in September 2010. He is now living very happily with his new family.

Here’s what they have to say:

Update 1 (Oct 2010)

“Spot is doing very well. We did think of changing his name to Parker (nosey parker) cause he has to have his nose in everything but he is doing well in responding to the name Spot now. Spot loves his runs with our other greyhound, Misty, off the lead on a friends farm, but actually does not go far as he always must be close to Mark or Myself.

Spot makes everyone laugh, he is a funny dog and does the most stupidest of things, everyone in the neighbourhood loves him.

Spot has also made a good guard dog and growls when anyone is at the door. Spot loves company and is not far from my side most of the day but is very good when he is left in the house with Misty when the family are out.”

Update 2 – (Dec 2010)

“Spot is doing really well now and goes for long walks every night but at weekends we walk along a bridle way were he can run free. Spot knows his name, is very obedient and comes when called so letting him off is no problem. Starting to love cuddles even more now and still sits by my side while I work from home – in fact that’s where he is now.

Spot loves to play and we had to buy him some cuddle toys to play with as he kept nicking my daughters fluffy slippers. Hee! Hee!”