Published on March 18, 2013, in Rehomed dogs.


Poor Ollie.  He is certainly not the prettiest dog you’ll ever see, but he is a sweetheart and has a great personality.

Ollie suffers from an auto-immune problem which causes terribly dry skin around his eye and sometimes he looks a bit like a panda.   It has proved difficult to treat, and it just takes away his good looks.

Please – can somebody see past his eyes to the lovely dog inside him?

UPDATE JULY 2013: Ollie has now been receiving steroid treatment for his condition for some months and is showing a remarkable improvement! His eyes are SO much better, and he is becoming a handsome, funny dog. His coat is not looking great, but that’s largely due to moulting. The blacks do sometimes look a bit ‘rusty’ in the summer in their kennel coats. He should become sleek and shiny black once he’s in a home situation.

UPDATE MARCH 2014: Ollie has now been adopted!  We are all very happy for him.



His new pictures are above.

Below you can see what he used to look like: