Published on September 30, 2013, in Future Events.


The Van Hage garden centre at Garden Park, Peterborough has very kindly agreed to let us hold two more Meet & Greets in December as part of our Christmas fundraising drive.  This time we are there for late night closing on Thursday and for part of Sunday.

We will set up at 4pm on Thursday 19th December 2013 and will stay until 8pm.

We will set up at 10am on Sunday 21st December and stay until 2pm.

This is an outdoor event, but the shops at Garden Park have a huge overhanging roof covering the outside walkway, and we will have access to toilets and to the cafe where hot food and drinks are available.

The people at Garden Park are lovely, and we usually do quite well there.  Please do come along and support us, whether for half an hour or an hour – or even the whole time!  We’d be very happy to see you, and people do seem to like to talk with the owners of adopted Brambleberry dogs as well as the Brambleberry ‘staff’ running the stand.

The photo above is from Easter.