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Brambleberry’s own shop is now open on Facebook! You will find house collars, dog waste bags, knitted greyhounds, greyhound brooches, promotional pens and stickers with tee shirts and trolley coin keyrings coming soon.

Click this link to view the shop.

Other goods are available from Judy, at HoundMade Designs. HoundMade Designs currently stocks hi-vis jackets and neckers, fancy ‘clown ruffle’ fun collars for greyhounds, braided tag necklaces for dogs (matching necklaces for you on request), collar charms, greyhound pendants and earrings, with custom photo pendants of your dog coming soon.

The following items are for sale with 50% of the profits going as a donation to Brambleberry Greyhounds to help with food and medical expenses.

If you would like to purchase a greyhound necklace or a collar charm, please contact me directly on this email address: jay(at)tinysilverfish(dot)com. Please include ‘Brambleberry Greyhounds’ in the subject line.

COLLAR CHARMS – £3.50 each plus £1 P&P (postage covers multiple purchases)

I can make collar charms in various combinations using the pictures above as a guide, or you may choose one by number.

I have the following in stock:

Lucite hearts: red, blue, purple or white

Charms: Princess crowns, starfish, stars (both silver and ‘goldstone’), black or gold pawprints, red beads, silver beads, small flowers, small silver plated hearts, and ‘love’ charms as shown in the picture below.

Swivel clasps are available in gunmetal or silver finish

CUSTOM MADE BRAIDED TAG NECKLACES – £14.50 plus £1.50 P&P (postage covers multiple purchases)

One custom braided microfibre suede dog necklace collar for one or two tags, with a matching tassel securely hand-wrapped in silver plated wire. Your choice of colours, charms & beads, size etc. You will see a photo of finished necklace before you commit to buy.

The tag necklace price includes one pair of silver plated beads (up to 2cm in length) and one large, or two small charms (the heart and starfish combo counts as two small). Add extra charms for £1 each, or extra long beads for 75p each. Two colour braids no extra charge.

Perfect for a special occasion such as Meet & Greet or Therapy Dog visits to nursing homes etc. or for a Christmas gift for a special hound – although my own dogs wear my ‘special occasion’ tag necklaces every day.

The above picture shows my dog Sid wearing his own personal tag necklace. This picture is for information only, and neither the dog nor the tag necklace is available!

To make these tag collars as safe as possible, I join the ends with unsoldered jump rings and a split ring which are strong enough to withstand daily wear, but will pull open under sufficient pressure. However, you are advised not to leave these decorative necklaces on a dog unattended, especially if you have more than one dog, or if your dog chews and/or swallows things.

It is recommended to have the necklace fit so that it is hanging loosely at the base of the neck. Please measure your dog’s neck at this point and quote the measurement when ordering.

Click here for a picture of available beads and charms.

Suede colours: light blue, dark blue, olive green, bright red, dark red, beige, brown, black, purple, pink.