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‘Security Threat’

If you’ve landed on this page, you’ve probably heard that there have been several reports about a security threat on the Brambleberry website, or you may have experienced a warning pop-up yourself on landing here.

Since we take our security very seriously, this website has been checked by the professional who built the site, and by his colleagues, and on continuing to get reports of warnings, by a reputable independent web security risk assessment site.

Here is the latest report as sent to me this morning:

“We have recently received a handful of reports that loading the Brambleberry Greyhounds website has triggered a ‘threat warning’ message which, understandably, has raised concerns for the visitor.

In response to this we have manually checked the status of all files and searched the server for any sign of malicious attack and can find none. This site has also been malware and virus scanned by sucuri.net which verifies it as ‘clean’.

It is our belief that the ‘threat warning’ is a false positive being found by a specific PC virus scanner. If you experience this message it would be helpful if you could inform us of the message, your browser name and version and which virus detection software and version you are using.

Meanwhile, backed up by our own tests using up to date professional scans, it is our belief that this site is perfectly safe to visit.”


We will continue to monitor activity closely and follow up any and all reports of malicious threats.  Meanwhile, please feel free – and safe – to enjoy your visit here spending time with our dogs.