About Brambleberry Greyhounds

Brambleberry Greyhounds is a branch of The Greyhound Trust* (Registered Charity No: 269668) which exists within a working racing kennel. Its aim is to place retired racing greyhounds into homes as pets, and treat the injuries of those retired dogs who need medical attention, as and when the need arises.

Here, most of the adoptable greyhounds remain in the same kennel block they lived in as racers. Their routine is the same, the staff is the same, and, apart from the dogs who get sold on during their career, their canine friends are still there – at least until they too retire or are adopted! No Brambleberry dog is ever put to sleep unless on a veterinary surgeons advice for medical reasons.

Greyhounds only race until they are an average of three and five years old, so even a successful racer is still a young dog when he or she retires. Of course, some never make it to the track, either because they won’t chase, or because they injure themselves as pups, so occasionally dogs younger than three are available. Others race, then go on to become brood bitches or stud dogs, and some are adopted only to be returned to the kennel through no fault of their own, so there are often older dogs available too.

Please click here to find out a little more about greyhounds and their needs, and if you feel you would like to adopt one, take a look at our available dogs. Sharon is always happy to talk with a potential adopter about the characteristics of the greyhound breed, and to discuss whether or not a retired dog would be the right choice for you. She is happy to answer questions and/or make arrangements for you to come to the kennel and see the dogs for yourself.

I am Judy, the admin of the site.  All of the pages here have been written by me, not by Sharon.  Sharon does the hard work – the practical, hard, dirty work, day to day at the kennel, and does not have time to update website or Facebook presences.  You may, however, email Sharon through the website contacts page, and she will be happy to answer your queries and pass on any messages or queries about the admin side of things.  You may also contact me (admin) directly through the Brambleberry Greyhounds Facebook group, if you are a member of Facebook.

* Formerly known as The Retired Greyhound Trust, or RGT. ©2018

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