New name for the RGT

The RGT, or Retired Greyhound Trust, is – or was – a national UK charity founded in 1975 for the purpose of promoting and aiding the adoption of retired racing dogs from racing tracks throughout the UK. As of the 1st June 2017, there has been a name change, and the former Retired Greyhound Trust is now known as simply “The Greyhound Trust”. The charity remains the same in all other respects.

Each year around 8,000 greyhounds retire from their racing careers. The Greyhound Trust works with volunteers to find homes for these dogs through the network of its 70 branches, and last year was proud to re-home the 60,000th dog since its inception.

A lot of time, effort and money is put into promoting greyhounds as pets, and changing the out-dated public perception – still around in some parts today – of greyhounds merely as racing animals. Far from being unsuitable as pets, greyhounds make wonderful, easy canine companions and loving family members – as more and more people are discovering.

The Greyhound Trust is an independent charity, but through the British Greyhound Racing Fund, benefits from a voluntary levy collected from bookmakers.

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