Welcome to Brambleberry Greyhounds

This branch of the Greyhound Trust exists within a working greyhound training kennel, with the available dogs living alongside active racers. Brambleberry also takes retired dogs from other trainers working in the Peterborough area.

Once you have chosen a dog, we will come and do a simple home-check (don’t worry, your housekeeping skills are not under scrutiny!), and we ask that you make a single donation of £100 to cover medical expenses, worming, flea treatment, and the collar, lead, muzzle and starter pack of food which will be given to you with your new companion.

All Brambleberry dogs spend time in Sharon’s own home to get them used to the environment, and they are all neutered, innoculated and micro-chipped. You will also get two months free pet insurance, and we are always on hand to help out with advice.

If you don’t feel able to adopt an ex-racer right now, but would still like to help the dogs, you can make a donation to cover our huge overheads. You will find a list of sponsor dogs in the sidebar, or you can simply click on the ‘donate’ button and give a little towards general costs of feeding and maintenance.

Thank you for your support!